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Path Study

Scheduling a path study is one of the most important things a customer can do to control cost. A path study is vital as it allows you to see if a radio design will work before purchasing and installing the equipment. Path studies have become not only standard practice in the industry but have become a prerequisite for many companies and utilites as a cost controlling measure. Before you start schedule a path study from us today!


Fiber Optics

Customers have increasing turned to fiber optic connections as both a primary and secondary form of data transfer between sites. We install, service, and repair most forms of fiber optic communications. Schedule us install a new run of fiber or clean up a run that isn't performing.


Radio Sales and Service

Specializing in 4RF and G.E. M.D.S. equipment, we have dedicated staff able to support your radio needs from sales to service. If you are looking for the perfect product for transmitting data between devices or needing to restore your radio no longer communicating, allow us to be your final stop for your radio needs.


Antenna Sales and Service

Working with frequencies ranging from public to licensed, we have focused on the ability to sweep the spectrum and identify what would be the perfect antenna for your needs. More then a simple "Yagi or Omni", we identify the appropriate DB, WindLoad, Welding, etc... that your job requires in order to make sure your equipment can talk.


Custom Jumpers

What started as a unique need for a local client has flowered into a national need for connections that are no longer available for purchase. We create specialized jumpers joining together the connectors and cabling your project requires. If you are frustrated by having to replace equipment because jumpers are no longer available for it, reach out to us and let us put together a solution for keeping you in communications.


Closed Circuit TV and DVR's

If you require the ability to monitor and/or record your property, we have the solution for you. With a long list of satisfied customers, that continue to utilize our services for their expansion needs, we have the ability and resources to provide you with an ideal solution to keep an eye on your property.


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