Specialing in the Data Communications field for you.

A one size fits all doesn't work when every configuration is different. From the number of devices talking to how far away the devices are, we will create a customized solution perfect for you.


Have you found yourself needing a cable that doesn't seem to exist? Have you gone from vendor to contractor trying to get the jumper that will make your system work only to find that you can not get what you need? Let us provide the perfect connection for you! Tell us the cable needed, the connectors needed, the length needed, and the quantity needed. It is that simple! We will create the ideal run you need and want for your environment in our custom manufacturing warehouse. Don't know what you need? No problem! Tell us the devices you are connecting, the length, and the quantity. We can go from there! No longer do your hands need to be tied from not being able to connect your devices. Now Technical Field Service can not only get you in com, but also keep you in com! The way it should be.


We create and service it all. Fiber, ethernet, serial, and coax? Wireless or wired, we are ready to provide our custom solutions for your success!


  • Needing to create a new scada system?
  • Upgrading an existing scada system?
  • Restoring a downed link?
  • Frustrated with a system that never worked as advertised?
  • Wanting your equipment to communicate?

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